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    Conjunctions for Beginners & Elementary (A1 & A2)

    Includes A1 and A2 presentations with lesson notes for online lessons, animated assessment quiz, and a variety of speaking, fluency and comprehension tasks.

    Two complete PPT lessons plans, one specifically for beginners and one for elementary students. Each lesson activates speaking, listening and reading with grammar practice. Whilst both are designed for 60 minute classes of up to 8 students, they …

  • EnEvo Teaching Materials

    B2. Simon Sinek – Millennials in the Workforce

    Marketing consultant, author and motivational speaker Simon Sinek gives his take on millennials and the challenges they face when they leave university and start working. This popular English lesson is hugely engaging for students who are both millennials and older as it discusses the issue of how people adapt to an ever changing society. The language focus is the …

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    B2. Rutger Bregman – Where do we go from here?

    Rutger Bregman talks about contemporary culture and society in this short animated video based on his RSA presentation. The ideas discussed will resonate with your learners and elicit some great discussion. Students will learn new vocabulary and practice using future tenses. Students will complete vocabulary tasks to practice learning words from context, then the discussion exercises will give them the …

  • EnEvo Teaching Materials

    B2. Anthony Brandt – Correctness Makes You Less Creative

    Composer Anthony Brandt discusses the benefits of taking risks, being creative and how this can be used to encourage innovation and the development of new ideas in work and education. Students will learn new vocabulary and discuss Brandt’s interesting perspective. And excellent lesson that encourages fluent, authentic speaking. Students will also benefit from listening exam practice and exercises that will …