About Us

Welcome to English Evolution Learning, an TEFL project designed to develop and improve the English language learning for students and teachers. After gathering extensive feedback and research from both ESL students and teachers who have been working in the profession for many years, our aim is to provide better courses and better teaching material to enhance the learning experience for a more engaging and effective classroom experience.

The English Evolution website currently hosts a range of innovative and engaging learning resources for English language teachers, most of which are free when you register on the site. These include complete Powerpoint © lesson plans that focus on grammar across all levels, authentic reading exercises, and a range of excellent video listening lessons for higher level learners. These lessons are based around some of the most interesting current affairs, science and social topics being discussed in the world today and include exercises based on those found in Cambridge and IELTS exams. These lessons are guaranteed to stimulate your learners and help them to activate a greater range of vocabulary.

Also, we are now offering our first blended learning course for Spanish learners: El Curso de Inglés Principiantes (A1+ English Breakthrough Course). This will be the first of an innovative range of blended learning courses. All our courses will cover the grammar required for each English level according to the Common European Framework Reference for Languages (CEFR), the benchmark for grading learners of foreign languages across Europe.

Each of the English Evolution online courses will come with its own teacher’s pack of learning material to complement face-to-face lessons, which means little to no planning for teachers! Students who enrol on English Evolution courses will also be able to download all the necessary learning material they need for their course, including grammar study sheets and vocabulary lists. This will enable them to build a workbook of reference material to use at home or in the classroom. The online lessons also offer students the opportunity to do assessments for learning, which means they can practice and hone specific grammar skills as often as they like when they like.

If you are an ESL teacher, please feel free to use the materials provided on the website. If you have any queries about our blended learning courses, or if you want to offer feedback or comments on our materials, please feel free to email us at: enquiries@englishevolutionlearning.com.