About Us



Hello, I’m Jeff and I created English Evolution to provide high quality teaching resources and English language training to enhance and improve English language learning for students and teachers. I started teaching English after many years working in creative media, graphic design and the performing arts industry where I worked as a writer, director and a creative project manager developing training courses. The aim of the creative industries is to bring innovation, imagination and a passion for good design to products, services and entertainment and I hope to do the same with English language training. Based on many years of experience, research and feedback from learners and educators, English Evolution provide better ESL teaching resources to make the learning experience more engaging and more effective.


Why English Evolution is Different

Would you continue with a personal trainer who had little interest in health and fitness and didn’t enjoy the job? Would you continue to eat at a restaurant where the ingredients were poor and no effort was put into the food? Would you continue to accept any professional service that wasn’t delivered by people who know their job and respected the profession? Of course not. Unfortunately, many English language providers make very little effort to ensure that the service they are providing is of high quality. They don’t put much effort into choosing the right teachers or supporting them. This means that English students and companies are quite often paying for training from people who are dissatisfied, uninspired and unmotivated. They are learning from resources and processes that are unimaginative and uninspiring. This obviously results in a poor service. Nobody should be paying for a poor service.

“There are no new methods, but there are better ways of learning and teaching.”


Better Teaching and Better Learning

The emphasis for English Evolution is to provide students with the type of English language training that they enjoy, the kind of English language training that gets results, the kind of English training that will give them the confidence to use English effectively and with confidence. Good teachers get results; good teachers want to get results. This is the rewarding part of teaching; we want our students to show improvement and we want our lessons to be enjoyable. This is why English Evolution selects teachers with the right qualifications and many years of experience. Many language schools promise to get results because of their unique method of teaching. There are no new methods, but there are better ways of teaching and learning. English Evolution is a better way. Here’s what some of my students had to say about it.


“Excellent teacher, varied classes, and very entertaining. Totally recommended.” – Maria José, HR Manager – CEPSA


“…classes are very interactive, with very interesting discussion topics. Therefore, it was very easy for me to want to participate in the discussion, so my speaking improved a lot. Also, by learning grammar and vocabulary interactively I found it much easier to learn and memorise everything.”  – Marta, Business Management Intern – Prosegur


Jeff is a great teacher who got me through the most difficult part of my CAE exam with some great strategies for the tests. He has a completely different approach to any of the other teachers I have had before. He helps you really understand meaning in language, not just grammar. His Powerpoint presentations, videos and the way he helped me with just understanding words and remembering things were great. Thanks Teacher Jeff 😉

Virginia – Bachillerato student


“Jeff is a very good English teacher. He has extensive experience in teaching students in Spain, I have known him for a long time and we have always had good results in terms of progress in the language. His classes are very appropriate to the level and he does them in an active way so that they are even fun. In short, a very effective, friendly and decisive teacher.”

Esther, Consultant – Zauma Diversidad y Inclusión


“…dynamic, participative and at the same time enjoyable, because you discuss current issues and learn new things, not only about the language.” – Lucía, Account Manager.


“…dynamic classes with interesting and varied topics that help remarkably generate and build conversation. – Gema, Account Director – Havas Media.


“His dynamic way of teaching has made me learn new concepts and improve in my handling of English. In the years I’ve been in his classes I’ve learned a lot.” – Irene, Data Analyst – Havas Media.


Great Learning Resources

English Evolution provides a great range of innovative and engaging learning resources for English language lessons. There are also a range of fluency exercises, which not only improve speaking skills, but are also a great alternative to written quizzes for testing students’ grammatical accuracy. We have a range of excellent listening lessons for higher level learners that are based on some of the most exciting developments in business, science, culture and current affairs around the world. Not only do they capture the imagination of your students and introduce some great new vocabulary, but they also contain exercises based on the Cambridge and IELTS exam formats and are great practice for those exams. These materials are guaranteed to stimulate your learners by encouraging active discussion. English is the international language of global debate so why not get your students involved?


Blended Learning and Online Lessons

Since the pandemic, many English language teachers have been delivering online English courses, and students have become accustomed to learning on Zoom, Teams and Google Meet. English Evolution lessons and material have all been adapted to be use effectively online or in the classroom, and we are now offering our first blended learning courses: El Curso A1+ de Inglés Principiantes (A1+ English Breakthrough Course) is a 16-week course designed to consolidate basic grammar, develop vocabulary, encourage speaking and get students to a strong elementary level of English. The Academic English Writing Course is an 8-week course for university students who want to be prepared for writing essays and assignments in English and American universities.

All our learning material at each level corresponds with the grammar required for each English level according to the Common European Framework Reference for Languages (CEFR), the benchmark for grading learners of foreign languages across Europe.


English Evolution blended learning courses include learning materials for face-to-face or online lessons, which means teachers have little planning to do. However, this doesn’t mean that there is no room for them to express themselves and complement the lessons in their own personalised way. Also, the blended learning platform allows teachers to monitor the progress of individual students or groups. Students who enrol on English Evolution blended learning courses will not only be able to work on their online material wherever they want, but also be able to download all their learning material. This includes grammar study sheets and vocabulary lists, which enables students to build a workbook of reference material to use at home or in the classroom. The online lessons also offer students the opportunity to do assessments for learning, which means they can practice and perfect specific grammar skills wherever they like. It’s the complete package.

If you want general English lessons for everyday life, English lessons for your company, or  you want to do English for educational reasons, use the contact form below, or contact us at: enquiries@englishevolutionlearning.com. If you are an ESL teacher, please feel free to use the materials provided on the website, and feel free to offer feedback or comments. Learning should be educational and enjoyable, and teaching should be professional and motivational. If you want to change the way you learn English, talk with us at English Evolution.