“There are no new methods, but there are better ways of teaching and learning.”


English for Business
Choose from a range of business English lessons and courses that develop vocabulary, comprehension and fluency. English Evolution learning materials are designed and developed for the modern business world. Lessons focus on the authentic use of English in a work context and discuss the relevant topics of our times. Themes based around contemporary ideas and topics will give executives, managers and employees the vocabulary and confidence they need to be a part of the conversation.
English for Education
Cambridge and IELTS English exams are the global standard for entrance into international schools, colleges and universities. Our teachers have hundreds of hours of experience helping students successfully pass Cambridge and IELTS exams. Lessons focus on strategies for completing each part of the exam in small classes. With 1-to-1 lessons, you can focus on your individual needs and are much more likely to successfully pass the exam within an academic year.
English for Life
English is a universal language that connects people from all over the world. When you learn a language, the ability and confidence to understand and communicate in real situations is always the main goal. This is why English Evolution lessons focus on practical speaking and listening activities, helping students recognise and correct errors quickly. Whether you want to learn English for travel, for work or for personal satisfaction, there is a learning plan for you.
First Class
First Class English is for high level professionals who need English for important work. While most English language courses focus on basic concepts, fixed ideas and topics that are familiar, First Class English lessons focus on developing your ability to effectively express your opinion, explain your ideas and discuss conceptual topics.
Great Teaching Resources
Learning English is difficult, and teaching it is no walk in the park either. Working from exercise books can be really boring, but searching for good materials and planning good lessons takes a lot of time - time you will never get back. So avoid losing time - and losing dissatisfied students - and take advantage of the excellent range of high quality ESL resources that have already been created for you. Learning can be difficult, so ensure that you and your students enjoy your classroom experience.
Video Listening Lessons
All the listening exercises in our video lessons have Cambridge and IELTS listening practice exercises. All the EnEvo listening material is from authentic sources using authentic pitch, tone, intonation and a variety of accents. All the video presentations used discuss fascinating contemporary topics of our time. Not only that, each lesson includes discussion tasks and vocabulary building exercises. Great preparation for English exams and real life experiences.
Teacher's Room - Let's Talk
Teaching can be tough, so it's good to share ideas, advice and stories. There are thousands of ESL teachers around the world, many working as freelancers in companies, or remotely at a desk without the support of colleagues. If you have a story to tell or any advice you would like to share, get in touch with us at info@englishevolutionlearning.com and share your knowledge and experience with other teachers in our teachers blog.
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Premium Resources

Good lessons are hard to find and longer to create. Save on lesson planning time with our range of dynamic English presentation lesson plans. Perfect for keeping your students actively engage online and in the classroom.

C1. Ethan Kross – What To Do If Your Inner Voice Is Cruel

This listening practice lesson is based on a short presentation by psychologist and neuroscientist, Ethan Kross. In this presentation, Kross talks about how we communicate with ourselves through our inner voice, and how it can be a positive or a negative influence. The focus of this lesson is using language for discussing abstract concepts relating to wellbeing. Students will do …

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C1. Adam Alter – Goal Setting Is a Hamster Wheel

This lesson is based on a short presentation by Adam Alter, who is a Professor of Marketing and TED speaker. The topic of the lesson is effective strategies and processes for achieving goals. Students will do exercises to develop their vocabulary and pronunciation, as well as gain valuable listening exam practice. Students will practice using language to explain in the …

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C1. Why Facts Don’t Convince People

This listening lesson is based on a short animation about why people struggle to communicate when they disagree and examines strategies for better discussions and debates. The video takes a look at the factors that create barriers to constructive conversations about differences of opinion. There are exercises for vocabulary development and learning words from context, and also discussion and debating …

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C1. Billion Pound Cruise

The Symphony of the Seas is the world’s most expensive cruise ship and has some incredible statistical data regarding dimensions, crewing and operational costs. This listening lesson is based on a short film that talks about this incredible feat of engineering and gives students valuable listening practice based on numbers and numerical data and the use of comparatives and superlatives. …

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This is what the clients say

Years of experience in developing courses and learning material to deliver the best experience for our students means that we get the very best results for our clients. We ensure our lessons are not only relevant and effective, but also enjoyable.

Giorgio - CEO


Jeff is a very dedicated teacher and a pleasure to learn with. He always prepares his classes. He has been teaching me for more than 4 years and I can say that my English level has improved considerably. I am 100% satisfied with his work.

Gema - Account Director

HAVAS Media Village

A teacher of 10! He offers dynamic classes with interesting and varied topics that help to generate and build conversation. In addition, he corrects mistakes and bad communicative practices at all times.

Arancha - Interior Designer

Pablo Torré Interiorismo

Jeff is a very good teacher and a great professional. He comes to teach us at work and it's all very enjoyable and fun. We are making a lot of progress and we are very happy with him. I would recommend him 100%.

Jing - Deputy Accounts Manager

HAVAS Media Village

The best English teacher I have ever had! Jeff! Come visit me in Hangzhou!!! Hugs!

Marti - Testing Engineer


For my part, the course adapts perfectly to my needs, what's more, Jeff adapts the course day by day according to our performance and feedback

Gerard - E&E Operations Manager


For my part everything is perfect. The classes are very active and participative. He fulfils what I was looking for because he adapts to the level that we each have.


Bachillerato student

A great teacher who got me through the most difficult part of my CAE and CPE exams with some great strategies for the tests. He has a completely different approach to any of the other teachers I have had before. Powerpoint presentations, videos and the way he helped me with just understanding words and remembering things were great. Thanks

Esther - Consultant

Zauma Diversidad y Inclusión

His classes are very appropriate to the level and he makes them in an active way so that they are even fun. He also explains well - always in English - the corresponding grammar in each of them. In short, a very effective, friendly and decisive teacher.

Sara - International Mobility Officer

National Higher School of Mines of Rabat

Preparing the IELTS academic with my teacher was really great. I was not sure that I would be get the score I needed with one month's preparation but thanks to my teacher, I did! The classes were very focused on the exams section and the pedagogy method was very modern. Thank you for everything.

Zihan Yan, MSc International Fashion Marketing

Thank you for your patience in enriching us with the knowledge and skill set that we need to take on the upcoming challenges. I have enjoyed every single class of yours; it is amazing how you are capable of making such a challenging course a lighthearted one.

Xinyi Jiang, MSc Human Resource Management

As my first teacher of English academic writing, you have done a lot in my writing correction. Your revision suggestions have helped me better understand how to construct my essay and made me realise that I had made many detailed mistakes in my writing. Although our course is online, I believe I have made progress under your guidance.

Qiufan Peng, MSc Urban Design and International Planning

I started to use English to express my own points of view, after the weeks of study, I have become much more confident. I found that I have made great progress unconsciously, and these are inseparable from your efforts, so thank you very much.

Teachers Blog