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C1. Julian Treasure – How to Speak So That People Listen

This lesson is based on a TED Talks by sound expert Julian Treasure in which he talks about better ways to communicate. There are two listening practice tests in this lesson, but the focus is mainly on note taking, as students are asked to listen for detail and summarise sections of the talk. There are also voice exercises the students …

C1. Ken Robinson – Changing Education Paradigms

This lesson is based on a popular RSA animated presentation by Sir Ken Robinson where he discusses some of the problems of our education systems. The lesson focuses on  listening for detail and understanding, note taking and discussion. The aim of the lesson is to give students practice in taking part in active presentations. Everyone has memories and opinions about …

C1. Steven Johnson – Where do good ideas come from?

This animated video presentation looks at the conditions that left to groundbreaking innovation throughout history. It also explores the type of environment, techniques and strategies that can be used today to develop better ideas for work, business and society. The lesson includes listening exam practice, vocabulary exercises and discussion tasks that not only encourage authentic speaking, but also give some …

C1. Why Diversity Wins

This short video presentation discusses what diversity means and how it benefits businesses. This sets the topic for this listening and discussion lesson which encourages students to consider what diversity means in a multi-national business setting. The lesson also includes exercises to help students learn vocabulary from context.

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Years of experience in developing courses and learning material to deliver the best experience for our students means that we get the very best results for our clients. We ensure our lessons are not only relevant and effective, but also enjoyable.

Gema Gallardo

Havas Media Group

“A teacher of 10! He offers dynamic classes with interesting and varied topics that help to generate and build conversation. In addition, he corrects mistakes and bad communicative practices at all times.”

María José


"Excellent teacher, varied classes, and very entertaining. Totally recommended."


Zauma Diversidad y Inclusión

"I have known him for a long time and we have always had good results in terms of progress in the language. His classes are very appropriate to the level and he makes them in an active way so that they are even fun. He also explains well the corresponding grammar in each of them. In short, a very effective, friendly and decisive teacher."

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