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Do you want to get your Spanish learners speaking in four months? The A1+ English Breakthrough Course for Beginners is the ideal blended learning course for adults. The course is specifically designed for Spanish speakers and includes all the teachers lesson material, including Powerpoint presentations and fluency exercises focussing on speaking. For further information contact us at enquiries@englishevolutionlearning.com



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Save on lesson planning time with our range of dynamic English presentation lesson plans. Perfect for keeping your students actively engage online and in the classroom.

Mastering the Interrogative – Question Form Presentations (A1-B1)

Question forms are difficult for many ESL students to master. Now, with each of the dynamic Powerpoint presentations contained within this bundle, your students will gain a full understanding of interrogatives appropriate for their level. They will be able to use questions with confidence and find out the who, where, what, why and how of the world around them.

There are …

Conjunctions for Beginners & Elementary (A1 & A2)

Includes A1 and A2 presentations with lesson notes for online lessons, animated assessment quiz, and a variety of speaking, fluency and comprehension tasks.

Two complete PPT lessons plans, one specifically for beginners and one for elementary students. Each lesson activates speaking, listening and reading with grammar practice. Whilst both are designed for 60 minute classes of up to 8 students, they …

Subordinate Conjunctions (B1 & B2)

These two dynamic Powerpoint lesson plans include a range of speaking and fluency activities for you to engage your students both online and in the classroom. Both presentations can last up to 90 minutes depending on the class size and the use of activities as students are carefully taken step-by-step through the grammar concepts. As with all …

Present Perfect Tenses (B1 & B2)

Two dynamic Powerpoint lesson plans for intermediate and upper intermediate learners that include a range of speaking and fluency activities for you to engage your students both online and in the classroom.

These methodical presentations help students analyse the different present perfect tenses, their time references and how they are used. Using a variety of tasks and …

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