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    B2+ Amy Adkins – Why Do We Dream

    What are dreams? Why do we have them? How did people perceive dreams in the past?This fun and fascinating lesson is based on an animated video that looks at the history dreams. The main focus of the lesson is listening practice for English exams, but it also includes a vocabulary exercise and a speaking exercise to give students an opportunity …

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    B2. Mansa Musa, One of The Wealthiest People Who Ever Lived

    This fun and informative lesson is based on animated presentation that tells the story of King Musa I, the ruler of the African Kingdom of Mali in the 18th century and, according to historians, the richest man who ever lived. The main lesson focus is learning new vocabulary in context, particularly words that express excess. Your students will do a …

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    B2. Rutger Bregman – Where do we go from here?

    Rutger Bregman talks about contemporary culture and society in this short animated video based on his RSA presentation. The ideas discussed will resonate with your learners and elicit some great discussion. Students will learn new vocabulary and practice using future tenses. Students will complete vocabulary tasks to practice learning words from context, then the discussion exercises will give them the …