A2. Present Simple & Past Simple

This free Powerpoint presentation helps students understand the differences between the present simple and the past simple and how to use both tenses correctly. The lesson plan includes exercises that encourage speaking practice as well as quizzes and learning assessments. There are lots of opportunities for students to practice talking using both tenses in question and affirmative forms.

A2. It’s Nothing Personal: An Introduction to Pronouns

This free 60 minute Powerpoint lesson plan provides an engaging and dynamic introduction to pronouns. Pronouns can be difficult to master for beginners and elementary students. They will benefit from the clear visual examples of the uses and and grammatical structures involved with the various pronouns in this lesson. The exercises will also help give students valuable practice using the range of pronouns in English in an authentic way. 

A1. The Empty Shop

This exercise helps students practice vocabulary related to food using question and answer forms with some, any, is and are. Your students will also practice using the contractions isn’t and aren’t. This is a great exercise to help your students become familiar with using countable and uncountable nouns when talking Read more…

A1. What do you do?

These exercises give students practice using vocabulary connected with professions. In English, rather than ask: “What is your job?”, people typically ask: “What do you do?”  in reference to a person’s job. This simple exercise helps beginner and elementary students learn how to use the correct verbs to talk about Read more…