Terms and Conditions

English Evolution Teaching Materials

All the teaching material created for download on this website, whether free or paid, can be used as the user chooses. However, due to the fact that the material has been branded and developed to be used in the manner by which it has been designed, some material is locked so as not to be manipulated in conjunction with the branding, thus potentially reflecting badly on the English Evolution Learning. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause.


English Evolution Courses

The blended learning courses sold on this website are designed and developed to correspond with face-to-face classroom lessons. The courses are not solely online courses.

Teachers who deliver the classroom lessons are provided with a teacher’s pack of corresponding course material and scheme of work to deliver in conjunction with the online complement of the course. Students should ensure that teachers are using the corresponding material and scheme of work that matches their course as the two elements work together to form the full course content.

In order for students to fully benefit and develop their English language level, they must complete and learn all of the online material. Each lesson features assessment tests that both aid learning and assess the level of knowledge that the student has acquired. Furthermore, students must attend at least 80% of their face-to-face lessons in order to gain the full benefits of the course. Students should also complete homework tasks as required.

At the end of the course, students will be examined to assess their level. The online end of course assessment aims to assess general grammar and reading comprehension, whilst speaking, listening and writing will be tested by your course tutor.

Whilst we are confident that students will achieve the level attributed to the course they have takes should they fulfil all the necessary course requirements, all learners are different and like any course of learning, we cannot guarantee that students will achieve the required level in accordance with another examining board’s assessment criteria.