A2. What is an Article?

This free Powerpoint presentation explains the basics of how to use definite and indefinite articles in English grammar. The lesson plan includes several exercises that elicit and encourage speaking practice as well as quizzes and learning assessment. There are lots of opportunities for students to practice the various rules for Read more…

A1. Modal Verbs: Can & Could

This complete Powerpoint lesson introduces beginners to the modal verbs ‘can’ and ‘could’. This presentation leads your students through the basic concept of using modal verbs for ability and possibility. it features a variety of visual prompts and dynamic graphics to encourage students to speak and use the forms. There are also a Read more…

When Teaching English is Like Pulling Teeth

One of the great things about English language teaching is the opportunities you have as an English language teacher to travel the world and embrace different cultures in different countries. However, teaching English in Spain or any other country will always have its challenges. One of those challenges can be adapting to the teaching methods and learning culture that your students have become used to.