B1+ Younger Generation Think Women’s Rights Have Gone Too Far

English Evolution free English reading lessons help your business English and ESL students improve comprehension skills and practice IELTS and Cambridge English test questions. Each English reading lessons provides teachers with level appropriate texts that introduce vocabulary in context. They also include reading comprehension questions and engaging discussion topics to develop speaking skills.

B1. Animal Rights and Wrongs

When is right and when is a wrong to kill and eat an animal? Is it based on the animal’s intelligence, how close it is to being human, or is it just culturally subjective? This free reading lesson includes exercises and a discussion topic that challenges students’ ideas about the Read more…

B2. Uncomfortable

This discussion based English lesson is based on two award winning short films that share the same themes of stereotyping and prejudice. Strangers is an dark and atmospheric short film set on a late night train whereas Traction is a light hearted comedy based on the contemporary protocols of modern dating. Both films generate great discussion topics that challenge assumptions about people.