B2. Uncomfortable

This discussion based English lesson is based on two award winning short films that share the same themes of stereotyping and prejudice. Strangers is an dark and atmospheric short film set on a late night train whereas Traction is a light hearted comedy based on the contemporary protocols of modern dating. Both films generate great discussion topics that challenge assumptions about people.

C1. Thomas Heatherwick – Building The Seed Cathedral

This lesson plan is based on a 2011 TED Talk by renowned British designer, Thomas Heatherwick, where he discusses four of his most innovative projects. The lesson plan includes a PowerPoint presentation and variety of exercises that involve listening practice, note taking, discussion and an introduction to cognitive language and how it is used for discussing abstract concepts.

C1-C2. How Not To Be Boring

This is a great lesson that not only challenges your advanced learners’ listening skills, but also exercises their knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. There is also an engaging post-listening speaking exercise where students discuss the topics raised in the video and the meanings of some of the rich, descriptive phrases Read more…