Remote Working Re-Invented

Jan, 2023


What do you think are the pros and cons of remote working?

What is a digital nomad and what are the pros and cons of this lifestyle?

Vocabulary list 

• Students read each word followed by the definition, focusing on the correct pronunciation.

• The teacher reads the sample sentence and the students repeat, focusing on the correct pronunciation.

• After reading the list, students try to make their own example sentences using the words that are new to them. 

• Students share their example sentences and the teacher gives feedback, correcting errors if necessary.

commute (verb)


to regularly do the same journey from home to work

I have commuted to work for years and wasted hours sat in my car doing nothing.


drawback (noun)


a negative aspect or disadvantage of something

One of the big drawbacks of owning an electric car is the lack of charging stations.


amenity (noun)


a feature of a place or thing that makes it more comfortable for people

We live in a great part of the city with lots of public amenities.


harness (verb)


to take advantage or control of something so that it can be used effectively

Science has not yet found an efficient way to harness the power of the earth’s geothermal energy.


chassis (noun)


the frame of a vehicle onto which the metal covering is fixed

The damage to the car’s chassis made it unfit to drive.


al fresco (adjective)

ˌæl ˈfres.kəʊ

being outside in the fresh air

One of the best things about the summer is enjoying al fresco drinks on a terrace.


retractable (adjective)


having the ability to be pulled in or out

The reason cats don’t scratch you all the time is because they have retractable claws.

Remote Working Re-Invented

There has been a rising trend in remote working in recent years with more and more companies allowing employees to work from home. Some people have even taken this a step further by mixing their work with travel to become ‘digital nomads’. But what if you could work in your very own mobile office and move from destination to destination? Well Mitsubishi have designed a vehicle that allows you to do just that.

One of the benefits of working from home is that you don’t have to waste your time commuting every day. Also, working at home can be very comfortable. However, the drawbacks are that it can be quite lonely, and unless you are very disciplined and organised, it can be difficult to separate your work from your home. The Mitsubishi NOMADPro Canter is a concept vehicle that allows you to travel with your home and your office so that you can enjoy the comforts of home, but avoid the distractions of homelife.

The NOMADPro is essentially a truck that has been remodelled to provide a comfortable mobile workplace with the amenities of a home. Based on the idea of ‘harnessing the healing power of nature’, this mobile office gives you the option to work remotely in any location you can drive to. It has a working space for two people, a kitchen, a sink, and even a shower! 



The NOMADPro is built on the chassis of the company’s FUSO truck. While the office space is small, the side of the truck can be opened up to turn your mobile office/home into an al fresco space. Another part of the truck can be extended to increase floor space. And when you have finished working and it’s the end of the day, the table and seats can be put away and a retractable bed can be folded out.

The NOMADPro Canter is currently not available to buy, but it will be shown at automotive exhibitions and on road tours in the Japanese Kanto region in 2023.


Based on a press release by Mitsubishi FUSO.



1. According to the article, remote working has become more popular because companies are allowing more people to work from home.


2. The article mentions as many of the pros as the cons of working from home.


3. What are the key features of the NOMADPro Canter?

4. How does the NOMAD Pro allow users to make it bigger?

5. The NOMAD Pro Canter…

a. can only be bought at motor shows.
b. will never go on sale.
c. is not on sale at the moment.


  • What do you think about the NOMADPro Canter? What do you think the designers mean by the statement – ‘harnessing the healing power of nature’?

  • Do you know any digital nomads and what do you think of this lifestyle?

  • Have you ever continued, or would you ever consider, working whilst on holiday?

  • Is your job enjoyable enough to be part of your lifestyle?

  • Would you enjoy working 100% remotely? Why/Why not?

  • Is your current working space comfortable?

  • How would you change your current workspace if you could?

  • If you have an office at home, is it more comfortable than your office at work?

  • Have you ever taken a trip in a camper van? If so, describe what it was like, and if not, say whether you would like it or not and why.

  • If you could take a road trip in a camper van, where would you like to go and why?