C1. Will Potter – The Shocking Move to Criminalise Non-violent Protest


This lesson is based on a TED Talk about civil liberties and the right to protest. This lesson includes listening exam practice, exercise to help students learn vocabulary from context, and a speaking task that sets up a debate where students have to argue for or against and support their ideas. The lesson also includes a study sheet with discussion tags and sentence stems. This is great lesson plan that give students plenty to think about and provides them with the opportunity to effectively practice language for discussion.


This lesson is based on a 2014 TED Talk by award-winning journalist and author, Will Potter. In his presentation he focuses on the animal rights, environmental movements and civil liberties. This complete lesson plan not only gives students listening exam practice, but also includes exercises to help students learn vocabulary from context and a speaking task that sets up a great debate, giving students the opportunity to practice language for discussion. The lesson plan also includes worksheet full of useful discussion tasks. The topic of public freedom and civil liberties always encourages great authentic discussion amongst students, providing them with a great opportunity to practice their authentic speaking skills.


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