C1. Adam Alter – Goal Setting Is a Hamster Wheel


This lesson is based on a short presentation by Adam Alter, who is a Professor of Marketing and TED speaker. The topic of the lesson is effective strategies and processes for achieving goals. Students will do exercises to develop their vocabulary and pronunciation, as well as gain valuable listening exam practice. Students will practice using language to explain in the discussion section of the lesson. A great lesson for business English classes and academic English students.


Adam Alter is a Professor of Marketing and TED speaker, and in this presentation he talks about the processes for progressing toward a goal. He also explains some of the problems related to the strategies people commonly use to achieve their goals and offers and alternative approach. The focus of the lesson is listening practice, vocabulary development and using language to explain. Your students will find the discussion based on the topic fascinating and it will encourage them to stretch their use of vocabulary as they talk about the abstract topics of commitment and personal achievement. This is a great lesson to use for business English and academic English students.


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