El Curso de Inglés Principiantes A1+ (A1+ English Breakthrough Course for Beginners)



Many Spanish people want to learn English, but quickly become frustrated and quit. This is no surprise because learning a new language isn’t easy, especially when you are just starting. Beginner’s courses can be dull and repetitive, and even intimidating. Students get a book with lots of new words and new grammar with these little pictures. Then they have to do quizzes with instructions in English, and they’re nervous because they don’t know anything. They’re nervous because they don’t want to get everything wrong and feel stupid. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way because the English Evolution Breakthrough Course for Beginners is different.

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The English Evolution 16-week blended learning A1+ English Breakthrough Course is for beginners who want to learn to gain the confidence to use English, and gain that confidence quickly. The online complement of the course is written in Spanish and is specifically designed for adult learners who may already have a very basic knowledge of some English, but haven’t studied for many years.


Online lessons

Each online lesson provides students with clear and simple explanations of grammar and vocabulary in their native language. Students can practice what they’ve learnt with interactive assessments at the end of each lesson. These assessments for learning can be done on their home computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone wherever they have an internet connection. Students will also be able to download vocabulary and grammar study sheets to store as reference material. This means that they can practice all of that tricky new grammar and vocabulary before they come to their face-to-face lessons. It also means that students are receiving continuous assessment of learning, an essential part of any course of study.

Classroom lessons

English language students may not get many opportunities to practice speaking outside of their classroom lessons, which is why our face-to-face lessons focus on speaking activities. Teachers will receive a pack of dynamic teaching materials with interactive presentations and activities designed to develop speaking and pronunciation, and consolidate what students have studied online.

Continuous assessment, Final evaluation and certificate

Continuous assessment is essential part of the learning process. Repetition is an essential part of language learning. The English Evolution A1+ English Breakthrough Course for Beginners ensures that, as well as learning new material, student regularly consolidate what they have already learnt. Continuous online assessment and regular fluency exercises in the classroom give students the opportunity to practice, review and repeat new vocabulary and grammar, gradually gain the confidence to use use it in in real situations. At the end of your course, students can complete an end-of-course grammar, vocabulary test online and receive a certificate of achievement. They can also complete a speaking and listening exam with their teacher. Upon successful completion of the course, they will know all the grammar required for level A1 of English according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), and more. They will have taken a firm step towards learning the international language of business, commerce and industry.


*We are currently developing a follow up to the beginners course for Elementary students. We will also be offering course for intermediate and advanced students that will focus on business, management and modern society.  


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