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    B2+ Samantha Agoos – 5 tips to improve critical thinking

    Everyone needs to use critical thinking skills to make good decisions. In this animated TED Ed. presentation, Samantha Agoos suggests a 5-step critical thinking process that we can use to make better choices and decisions. Students will do listening test practice as well as study a variety of collocations and idiomatic phrases. As well as listening and discussion, this lesson …

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    C1. Steven Johnson – Where do good ideas come from?

    This animated video presentation looks at the conditions that left to groundbreaking innovation throughout history. It also explores the type of environment, techniques and strategies that can be used today to develop better ideas for work, business and society. The lesson includes listening exam practice, vocabulary exercises and discussion tasks that not only encourage authentic speaking, but also give some …

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    C1. Julian Treasure – How to Speak So That People Listen

    This lesson is based on a TED Talks by sound expert Julian Treasure in which he talks about better ways to communicate. There are two listening practice tests in this lesson, but the focus is mainly on note taking, as students are asked to listen for detail and summarise sections of the talk. There are also voice exercises the students …

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    Mastering the Interrogative – Question Form Presentations (A1-B1)

    Question forms are difficult for many ESL students to master. Now, with each of the dynamic Powerpoint presentations contained within this bundle, your students will gain a full understanding of interrogatives appropriate for their level. They will be able to use questions with confidence and find out the who, where, what, why and how of the world around them.

    There are …