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    How to Use Conditional Sentences (B1 & B2)

    New update: includes B1 and B2 presentations, redesign with animated assessment quiz, lesson notes and additional student tasks. Two dynamic Powerpoint lesson plans that are ideal for online lessons. The presentation includes a variety of speaking and fluency activities for you to breathe some life into what is often a difficult area of English for students to master.

    Slides are accompanied …

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    Talking About the Future (B1 & B2)

    These dynamic Powerpoint lesson plans for intermediate and upper intermediate students include a range of speaking and fluency activities for you to engage your learners in grammar both online and in the classroom.

    Both presentations analyse the different types of future tenses, how they are formed and how they should be used in English grammar and communication. The tasks include a …

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    Present Perfect Tenses (B1 & B2)

    Two dynamic Powerpoint lesson plans for intermediate and upper intermediate learners that include a range of speaking and fluency activities for you to engage your students both online and in the classroom.

    These methodical presentations help students analyse the different present perfect tenses, their time references and how they are used. Using a variety of tasks and …

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    Subordinate Conjunctions (B1 & B2)

    These two dynamic Powerpoint lesson plans include a range of speaking and fluency activities for you to engage your students both online and in the classroom. Both presentations can last up to 90 minutes depending on the class size and the use of activities as students are carefully taken step-by-step through the grammar concepts. As with all …

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    Conjunctions for Beginners & Elementary (A1 & A2)

    Includes A1 and A2 presentations with lesson notes for online lessons, animated assessment quiz, and a variety of speaking, fluency and comprehension tasks.

    Two complete PPT lessons plans, one specifically for beginners and one for elementary students. Each lesson activates speaking, listening and reading with grammar practice. Whilst both are designed for 60 minute classes of up to 8 students, they …

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    B1+ Claire Bowern – Where did English come from?

    Based on an interesting animated presentation that explores the origins of the modern English language. It explains some of the similarities and ‘false friends’ that feature between English and other languages and is a great way to introduce the concept of suffixes, prefixes and root words to your students. The exercise tasks in the lesson will help students to …

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    B2. Does more money equal more happiness?

    This listening and discussion lesson is based on animated presentation that discusses the relationship between wealth and happiness. The main language focus is learning new vocabulary from context and practicing sharing and supporting opinion.

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    B2+ Noam Chomsky – The 5 Filters of the Mass Media Machine

    This short animated video looks back at the impact of Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman’s 1988 book ‘Manufacturing Consent’ and how it relates to the present day. Chomsky’s and Herman’s groundbreaking book analysed how news, politics and the media work together to manipulate public opinion. In an age where ‘fake news’ has become such a hot topic, this lesson will …

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    B2. Mansa Musa, One of The Wealthiest People Who Ever Lived

    This fun and informative lesson is based on animated presentation that tells the story of King Musa I, the ruler of the African Kingdom of Mali in the 18th century and, according to historians, the richest man who ever lived. The main lesson focus is learning new vocabulary in context, particularly words that express excess. Your students will do a …

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    C1. Will Potter – The Shocking Move to Criminalise Non-violent Protest

    This lesson is based on a TED Talk about civil liberties and the right to protest. This lesson includes listening exam practice, exercise to help students learn vocabulary from context, and a speaking task that sets up a debate where students have to argue for or against and support their ideas. The lesson also includes a study sheet with discussion …

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    B2+ Trevor Timm – How free is our freedom of the press?

    This lesson is based on a 2016 TED Talk by Trevor Timm, the co-founder of Press Freedom. In his short  presentation he discusses the ethics of journalism and the history of government action against whistleblowers. The lesson includes Cambridge style listening practice exercises and discuss based on the topics raised in the video. Students will also do a ‘moral dilemma’ …

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    B2+ Samantha Agoos – 5 tips to improve critical thinking

    Everyone needs to use critical thinking skills to make good decisions. In this animated TED Ed. presentation, Samantha Agoos suggests a 5-step critical thinking process that we can use to make better choices and decisions. Students will do listening test practice as well as study a variety of collocations and idiomatic phrases. As well as listening and discussion, this lesson …