Hello and welcome to English Evolution learning, a learning resource website for English language teachers.

The English Evolution website offers a host of learning materials, presentations and lesson plans to use in the classroom, most of which are free. You will also find features and articles about the merits and pitfalls of working as an English language teacher.

Whether you are new to teaching ESL or have years of experience, you will find information about working as an English language trainer, both as a freelance teacher or as a classroom teacher in a school or academy.

As well as guidance on how to negotiate the more practical aspects of Spanish administration and working practices, we will also provide you with resources to use with your students. We will also be developing a range of blended learning courses tailored to the specific needs of students. Check out our latest English Breakthrough Course for Beginners – El Curso de Inglés Principiantes.

English Evolution aims to be a forum for teachers to share experience and advice. Through our network of teachers, we aim to help and advise other English language teachers, not just by offering quality resources, but also by sharing experiences to help you make the right choices and avoid some of the exploitative traps that many ESL teachers who are new to teaching may fall into.

As an English language teacher, you are providing someone with a skill for life that will improve their salary at home and increase their chances of going further with their career in a global market. We hope that we can help you become a better teacher, provide better lessons and ensure that you enjoy your time teaching English in Spain. Your comments are welcomed.


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