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Hello and welcome to English Evolution, an English language learning resource for English teachers and students. We offer a range of inspiring and engaging teaching materials for English lessons. We also offer English language lessons for students, including general English, business English, exam preparation and focussed English courses for education and industry.

English Evolution aims to be a service that offers quality English language resources for teachers and excellent English language training for students. Our teaching materials are inspiring, dynamic and relevant to people’s lives in the modern world. This makes for engaging lessons that encourage authentic use of English.

As many more people are choosing to learn English online, hybrid blended learning courses have proved to be a convenient and effective way of learning. These course combine face-to-face lessons with learning content that students can access on their laptop, mobile or tablet. This means that students can practice, revise and learn anywhere, anytime.

English Evolution have developed two blended learning courses tailored to the specific needs of students: the English Breakthrough Course for Beginners (El Curso de Inglés Principiantes), which is a 16-week course for Spanish speaking students. The Academic English Writing course is an EAP course for overseas students from all over the world. This course teaches students the academic reading and writing skills that they will need to study in a university in the UK or USA.

The Teachers Room blog is an opportunity for teachers to share experiences and offer insights into working as an ESL language teacher, whether that be private, freelance or as a classroom. As an English language teacher, you are providing someone with a skill for life that will will improve their salary at home and increase their chances of going further with their career in a global market. We hope that we can help you become a better teacher, provide better lessons and ensure that you enjoy your experience as an ESL teacher. If you have a story to share or some advice to offer, we would love to hear from you and publish your thoughts on this platform.


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