Be part of the conversation and lead the narrative

Modern business is always evolving. Developments in technology and business psychology are driving companies in new directions all the time, and it is important to be part of those conversations. That is why First Class English training focuses on developing your ability to understand English in a way that helps you to communicate more effectively when discussing sophisticated topics.

First Class English is for people with an upper intermediate level of English or higher who need to be able to use their English for important professional or academic purposes. First Class English teachers are highly experienced, qualified professionals with backgrounds in linguistics, higher education, or a professional field involving communications, business or writing.

Most English language courses focus on basic concepts, fixed ideas and topics that are familiar. However, if you really want to develop your English beyond intermediate level, you need a good knowledge of vocabulary and how to express meaning. 

Reading and listening to a wide range of authentic material and then analysing and discussing these topics gives students essential practice in how to use English to discuss and explain concepts and ideas. First Class English lessons are developed to do just that.

Beyond basic understanding

First Class learning materials do not come from general course books, they are created specifically for your lessons from authentic sources taken from the modern world. Topics include business strategy, economics, technology, psychology, science and culture. 

Your lessons help you to analyse, discuss and debate complex topics in English effectively. The exercise tasks not only help you to improve your listening and reading comprehension, but also introduce you to vocabulary that will greatly improve your ability to communicate in English during meetings, negotiations and presentations. First Class English students learn to express ideas more clearly, develop critical thinking skills and become better conversationalists.

The ability to effectively express an opinion, discuss hypothetical ideas and communicate abstract concepts is an essential skill for high level professionals.


You will become a more effective communicator, not only in formal meetings and negotiations, but also in social business situations when you are networking with other professionals. With a better ability to engage with clients and partners in discussions relating to a wide range of topics, you will develop better business relationships.

During each First Class English lesson you are introduced to new vocabulary and trained to use English to explain and discuss abstract concepts, share your opinion, and support your ideas clearly.

First Class English courses are entirely communicative and include guided discussions and debates. The course material includes exercises that help you recognise the meaning of language in context, as well as task based exercises that encourage you to solve problems and resolve dilemmas by communicating more effectively in English. Students also receive useful worksheets with vocabulary lists and guides to better communication.

First Class Vantage lessons develop the English communication skills of upper intermediate English learners. 

First Class Advance lessons are developed specifically to improve the communication skills of students with a C1 to C2 level of English.

Having the ability to express ideas and abstract concepts helps to improve communication between people and develops emotional intelligence. Reading, listening to and exploring topics in depth gives you a better understanding of how to express yourself and understand others.

Grow vocabulary:  Every First Class English lesson introduces you to rich new vocabulary. You will not only practice using the vocabulary, but also discuss definitions and learn how to build vocabulary.

Learn to learn: First Class English lessons help you to learn from context, recognise word types and develop stronger memorisation for vocabulary. This means that you learn how to learn the meaning of new words and phrases.

Avoid miscommunication: Having a greater range of vocabulary, better speaking skills and better all-round listening comprehension makes you more confident using English. This confidence makes you a better English communicator and you will feel more comfortable about asking for clarification during conversations.

Avoid avoidance: When you know you can express yourself in a more complete way, you have more confidence and less second language anxiety. This means you avoid avoiding speaking in English and engage more fully in all your English speaking communications.

Free Introductory Lesson

First Class English lessons are for professional people who are serious about how they want to communicate in English. The minimum level of English required to take part in these lessons is upper intermediate (B2). Participants should also be willing to engage in discussion.

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