English language exams are an important part of international school curriculums. A good English language qualification improves your chances of studying abroad, and it is essential to have knowledge of EAP (English for academic purposes) if you want to study in a British or American university. If you successfully pass your English language tests, it will open doors to a world of education, employment opportunities and help you progress in your career

Cambridge & IELTS Exam Preparation

Cambridge and IELTS English exams are the global standard for entrance into international schools, colleges and universities. Gaining a recognised English qualification can also greatly improve your career opportunities. Our teachers have hundreds of hours of experience helping students of all ages from all over the world successfully pass Cambridge and IELTS exams.

Learning with a large group at an English academy can waste a lot of time and money. If your classmates are at different levels and have different learning needs, you don’t get the attention you need. Effective teaching focusses on your individual needs and teaches you strategies for each part of the exam. In smaller groups of students, you will learn so much more.
Many students often have difficulty with specific parts of the Cambridge and IELTS exam. Individual 1-to-1 lessons with your own tutor will focus only on your specific needs and provide you with strategies to overcome your problems. Personalised learning is a much more effective way to pass English language exams.
All our lessons can be delivered online. Choose from group lessons of between 3 to 6 people, learn with a friend, or take our 1-to-1 lessons with your own private tutor. Contact us to discuss how we can help you get to your next level of English.
If you are interested in individual lessons, learning with a friend or joining a course group, complete the contact form at the end of this page, or email us at: enquiries@englishevolutionlearning.com.

Academic English Writing Course

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) is a specialist part of English language learning that teaches students the skills they will need to study at university. Pre-sessional EAP courses typically cost thousands of pounds for an intensive course of between 5 to 15 weeks. For most of those who attend, successful completion of the course will determine whether or not they will be accepted on their main course. This means that courses can be quite intense for students who do not want to fail.

Over 10-weeks, you will receive close tuition that will help you develop your vocabulary and not only teach you to produce university quality writing, but also to understand academic writing. You will also receive tutorials and feedback on all of your assignments.
The Academic English Writing Course is a blended learning course. Your face-to-face lessons are supported by online study material and assessment quizzes that you can do in your own time. So you can study, review and practice on your laptop, tablet or mobile any time you want.
When you successfully complete an EAP course, your English level should increase by at least one IELTS band, or 20 Cambridge points. This can take you from a B2 level to C1 and make all the difference between getting into the university of your dreams or not.
For further information about how you can enrol on the Academic English Writing course, complete the contact form at the end of this page, or email us at: enquiries@englishevolutionlearning.com

‘In the past few weeks, you have always encouraged us to take an active part in class discussion and I think I am more confident to speak English than before. In addition, as my first teacher of English academic writing, you have done a lot in my writing correction. Your revision suggestions have helped me better understand how to construct my essay… Although our course is online, I believe I have made progress under your guidance.’ 

Xinyi Jiang (Esther), MSc Human Resource Management

‘I learned a lot during the pre-sessional courses such as how to write an essay and how to use citation. In the class, you gave us a lot of chances to speak and encouraged us to show our own opinion. I  was shy at the beginning of courses but I feel confident after your encouragement. I would like to say thank you to you.’

Xuanyi Guo (Linda), MA in TESOL

‘I started to use English to express my own points of view, after the weeks of study, I have become much more confident… I found that I have made great progress unconsciously, and these are inseparable from your efforts, so thank you very much.’

Qiufan Peng (Annie), MSc Urban Design and International Planning

‘Thank you for your patience in enriching us with the knowledge and skill set that we need to take on the upcoming challenges. I have enjoyed every single class of yours; it is amazing how you are capable of making such a challenging course a lighthearted one.’

Zihan Yan, MSc International Fashion Marketing

‘You are very patient with our questions and everything we asked you. You are really good at teaching students and stimulating our enthusiasm for learning.’

Chenyue Sun (Tommy), MSc Pollution and Environmental Control

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