In a globalised business world, multinational companies trading across borders and between board rooms need effective English speakers. While business professionals need to be familiar with English phrases and vocabulary related to their industry, they also need to be able to communicate confidently. Also, perhaps most importantly, professionals need the ability to listen and comprehend English accurately during conference calls, negotiations, meetings and presentations. English Evolution offers a flexible range of lessons that focus on individual needs, with an emphasis on improving fluency, accuracy, confidence and understanding. Because we create our own materials, our English lessons focus on the latest relevant topics from authentic sources that not only challenge but also engage our learners.

B-2-B Communication Classes

English Evolution B-2-B Communication classes are general English lessons with a focus on topics and vocabulary specific to students’ interests and area of work. These lessons focus on conversational fluency, listening comprehension and developing weak areas of grammar. Because each person working within a role at a company has different uses for English, lessons are developed to match the needs of you and your employees. Tell us what you want to focus on and we will create the learning material to help you do it.

Learning English in large groups is not an efficient way to learn. In business, time is money, and if employees are using time at work to develop their English and it is not happening, you have wasted both your time and your money. Effective teaching focusses on the individual needs of students and teaches strategies to correct frequent errors. Smaller groups of students learn much more effectively, which is why we like to limit class groups to a maximum of six participants
English Evolution lessons can be delivered as effectively online or in person. Learners are often more focussed when receiving online lessons on a computer monitor. Presentation material is clear and there is no need for a meeting room space with audio visual equipment. Use the contact form at the bottom of the page and tell us more what type of English language training you want for your company
Contact enquiries@englishevolutionlearning.com or use the contact form at the bottom of the page to discuss the best type of lessons for your company and a list of our prices.

‘Excellent teacher, varied classes, and very entertaining. Totally recommended.’ 

Maria José, CEPSA

Jeff is a very dedicated teacher and a pleasure to learn with. He always prepares his classes. He has been teaching me for more than 4 years and I can say that my English level has improved considerably. I am 100% satisfied with his work.’

Giorgio, CLADAN

A teacher of 10! He offers dynamic classes with interesting and varied topics that help to generate and build conversation. In addition, he corrects mistakes and bad communicative practices at all times.’


‘Very good experience. He is a very good teacher, he is always focused on student’s needs.’

Lucia, HAVAS

‘Highly recommended. One of the best teachers I have ever had. Interesting classes and with a lot of humor.’

Alberto, HAVAS

For my part everything is perfect, the classes with Jeff are very active and participative. He fulfils what I was looking for because he adapts to the level that we each have. So far a ten.

Gerard, Applus

For my part the course adapts perfectly to my needs, moreover, Jeff adapts the course day by day depending on our performance and feedback, so… PERFECT.

Marti, Applus

‘Jeff is a very good teacher and a great professional. He comes to teach us at work and it’s all very enjoyable and fun. We are making a lot of progress and we are very happy with him. I would recommend him 100%.’

Arancha, Pablo Torré Interiorismo Y Decoración

Business Focus Workshops

English is the de facto language of global business, science, technology and education. Conversation in all areas of science and industry first takes place in English, so it is important to be able to take part in the discussion. Business Focus Workshops focus on specific areas of business practice and management. Through a combination of presentations, exercises based on authentic reading and  listening material, topical discussion and workshop tasks, students practice using relevant vocabulary and grammatical techniques that will help them communicate more effectively. Topics range from general business practice to progressive management ideas. Students will take part in engaging and informative discussion whilst gaining valuable communication strategies.  

Business is always evolving, and intercultural differences have an impact on how we do business. Business Focus Workshops focus on a range of practical topics such as organising and facilitating effective meetings, giving presentations and the dynamics of good teamwork. Workshops also focus on progressive ideas and methodology relating to leadership, diversity in the workplace, effective communication and negotiation strategies.
Business English learning material is often outdated before it has even gone to print. English Evolution create learning resources from material that is up-to-date and relevant. Original PowerPoint presentations and authentic listening and reading material give students a real world context and a much better understanding of how to effectively use English.
All workshop sessions are accompanied by supporting study material that students can take away. Learners can use these study worksheets to refer to before writing emails or proposals, or before giving a presentation or attending meetings. Learning a language takes time and repetition. English Evolution study sheets give clear and concise explanations and examples.
If your company does not have adequate audio visual presentation equipment and a suitable space for delivering workshops, they can also be delivered online. All English Evolution learning material has been adapted to use in online lessons or face-to-face. Some learners are now more comfortable working online, but it is recommended that workshop sessions take place in an appropriate learning space.
Contact enquiries@englishevolutionlearning.com or use the contact form at the bottom of the page to discuss the best type of lessons for your company and a list of our prices.

Speaking & Listening Comprehension

Speaking is obviously an essential language skill, so our lessons encourage lots of speaking. However, listening is probably the most important language skill of all. Research has shown that regularly listening and speaking in English is the best way to improve. Making mistakes and regularly correcting those mistakes is GOOD for improving your English language skills. That’s why our lessons include lots of authentic speaking and listening practice, lots of support and lots of encouragement. Your frequent errors will be identified and you will be given strategies to avoid repeating them in the future, improving accuracy, fluency, comprehension and confidence

One-to-One Tuition

Personalised one-to-one lessons are a much more effective way to learn English and the quickest route to improvement. When you have private lessons, your personal tutor can focus totally on your needs and provide you with personalised strategies to correct your common errors. Your tutor will maintain a profile of your progress and adjust your individual learning program to target the areas where you need the most help. This leads to fast improvements and greater value.

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