Fluency Lessons: How To Practice Fluency in the ESL Classroom

Teaching ESL students how to speak fluently and accurately is an often neglected part of English language lessons. TEFL courses and exercise books don’t provide teachers with many teaching tools to help their students improve their fluency. Yet anyone who has taught or tried to learn a foreign language knows that one of the obstacles to speaking is the fear of sounding stupid. If you can speak fluently, you feel more confident speaking so you speak more, practice more and improve. So how can ESL teachers use fluency exercises in the classroom? 

When Teaching English is Like Pulling Teeth

One of the great things about English language teaching is the opportunities you have as an English language teacher to travel the world and embrace different cultures in different countries. However, teaching English in Spain or any other country will always have its challenges. One of those challenges can be adapting to the teaching methods and learning culture that your students have become used to. (more…)

English Language Teaching Contracts in Spain and The “Competitive Salary”

If you are looking for English language teaching jobs in Spain, you will often see that the employer will include “competitive salary” in their advertisement; but is it? A competitive salary by definition is a salary that is significantly above the norm. The typical salary for an English language teacher working in an academy is between 1000-1200€ gross per month for around 20-24 teaching hours respectively. This means a competitive salary would be at least 1200-1500€ per month right? Well in this article we will look at the ‘convenio collectivo’; this is the agreement which regulates English teachers’ salaries. (more…)